Life Science and Semiconductor

Diaphragm Valve Type 319

A true zero static design

BCF Plus Fusion Technology

          Following the successful introduction of BCF fusion technology for the dimension range d20 to 63 mm Georg Fischer offers additional, larger sizes d75, d90 and d110. The BCF Plus supplementary dimensions package consists of the corresponding heating stations, clamps and facer including the dimension set for the larger dimensions and all can be easily mounted on the existing basic BCF Plus machine.

          The life science,   semiconductor and chemical process industries place new demands on piping systems. With the BCF Plus supplementary package, customer requests for the larger dimensions are met optimally.

          The   BCF    fusion technology joins SYGEF®Standard (PVDF) and PROGEF®Natural (PP-n) piping components of dimensions from d20 to d110 without any irregularities, beads or crevices. The extremely compact fusion machine, which is also ideal for on-site fusion, is very reliable, easy to handle and creates reproducible and very strong fusion welds. It can be used in a variety of applications, especially those exerting stringent demands on the piping systems (e.g. pharmaceutical, semiconductor, foodstuff industries, etc.).

An internal bladder is positioned in the joint area for a bead and crevice free fusion.

An external heating ring causes the material to flow into the fusion zone without changing the material structure.

Easy, fast and reliable verification of fusion with commercial flashlight.

Smooth internal fusion zone for excellent cleaning and inhospitality to microrobiological attachment.




(Polyvinylidene Fluoride High Purity; PVDF HP) 
The proven high - end solution for transporting ultrapure media.



(Polypropylene netural; PP-n) The pure and economical solution, specially for use in chemically sanitized process. 



(Polyvinylidene Fluoride Standard; PVDF) The reliable transport solution for high temperatures or ozonized pharmaeutical water application