Product Sales & Services

Product Sales & Services

  • Petroleum Valve
  • Gas Metering & Regulating Equipment
    - Filter/ Separator , Heat Exchanger

     Cut-off Valves

    Slam Shut Valves

    Pressure Regulators

    Relief Valves

    Turbine / Rotary / Ultrasonic meters

    Electronics measuring devices : Flow Computer, GC, Analyzers ,Samplers

    Odorization Systems

    Skid mounted gas regulating and metering stations for Industrials and domestic application

  • Pipeline Pigging Equipment
  • Cathodic Protection Equipment
  • Loading Equipment
  • Hot Tap/ Line Stop Equipment

Stock Items

  • Gas Filters, Regulators, Shut off Valve and Valves
  • Foam Pig
  • Casing Seal and Insulator
  • Cathodic Protection Equipment
  • Valves' Sealant and Lubricant
  • Hot Tap machine/ Accessories upto 42”

Scope of Services

  • Pigging Service
  • Hot Tapping/ Plugging Service
  • Gas Metering Package
  • Cathodic Protection and Grounding System

Scope of Work

  • Preliminary/ Detail Design
  • Engineering (Mechanical & Instruments)
  • Drawings (Instruments)
  • Services for Hot Tapping by local base machine / certified technician
  • Components supply for vessel, valves-actuator, pressure regulating system, measure system, gas quality instruments, MMI and PLC.
  • Equipment & Instrument hook up, wiring, tubing.
  • Start up & commissioning
  • Hand On Training
  • As-built
  • After sales services

Hot Tapping

Launcher-Receiver Filtering


Pressure Regulating

Metering Unit

Gas Quality Instrument

Metering Cubicle