Vicchi Engineering

 Vicchi Engineering now has 3 core business units namely ;

      Oil & Gas Business provides engineering design, procurement & supply, installation, start up & commissioning for equipment & instruments for Oil & Gas Industries. Also trading for petroleum valves, instruments, control and pipeline equipment, handling turnkey contract for metering & regulating in Natural Gas Stations and services for Hot Tap & Line Stopping for pipeline intervention or modification without line shutting down.

       Valves & Instruments supplies premium quality plastic pipe, valves, flow & analytical meters, control instruments, butt fusion machine and tools for
 piping system in electronics industries, chemical industries, water & waste water treatment industries and pulp & paper industries. Also provide services for  
 piping, control and instrumentation system design & installation in any industries.

      Food Processing supplies machinery and equipment for food processing packaging and labeling system and also provides design and installation services.